Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A brief intermission.

As you may have noticed, the second post about the building of Centigor has yet to appear.

The reasons for that are thus:

First, my son has a Pinewood Derby coming up this weekend and, as a result, most of what I would have spent as 'hobby time' has been dedicated to the sweet, sweet science of building the fastest wooden car possible.

And, second, we've recently found out that we've been selected for the adoptive placement of a little boy whose awesomeness is only matched by the awesomeness of the little boy we've already got.  So, any free time that hasn't been spent getting ready for the Pinewood Derby has been spent driving to visits with this new little boy and, you know, trying to get his room ready so that he'll have somewhere to sleep.

So, please excuse our brief intermission.  The Domain of the Geek will return as soon as possible.  In the meanwhile, be sure to visit the excellent hobby blogs on our blogroll to the right.