Monday, February 27, 2012

I haven't disappeared.

I haven't disappeared.  I promise.

Between job stuff, illness, family birthdays, household renovation projects and an assortment of other things stealing away my free time for the past month, I haven't gotten as much downtime as I'd have liked to be able to devote to crafting my army.  However, by Wednesday, I intend to have pictures up for you of the finished Panda(ren Brewmaster) Standard Bearer for the Mountain Temple army -- yes, he's done and based -- and the finished Ti'Gor Beastlord for the Jungle Temple army.

So, please, stay tuned.

When they're completed, I've got about 25 Centigor, including Ghorros, that I'm converting up for the Mountain army.

There's going to be both males and females in those units because, after all of the drinking and fighting, they like to rut a bit -- they do have Ghorros, the father of all beasts amongst them after all -- and, well, having their females fighting alongside the males makes that a bit more handy.

(I suppose the ratio will still be a bit squicky as it's to be about 4:1 males to females because, well, that's the bits I've been able to get ahold of but it'll have to do.)

What will they look like, you ask?  Well, this is the photo I'm using as a bit of inspiration for the boys of the units, so ...

Monday, February 13, 2012

Paint Progress: Beast King and Dragon Monk.

Look! I can (almost) take pictures where you can actually (sorta) see (kinda) what's going on with the miniatures!

Here's the Wargor BSB for the 'Mountain Temple' army. Still have a couple of highlights to add (teeth and buckles) before he gets his ale barrels and a 'lacquered wicker'-sytle pair of shoulder pads added. His armor is intentionally dark, as he's wearing the Blackened Plate so that he can stand in a unit comprised of my Shamans and a horde of Ungor inside of Fozzrik's Folding Fortress the Mountain Temple and give them all a 4+ ward against fire:

user posted image

user posted image

And, here's the Beast King himself, Shere Khan (it's a title taken by all Beast Kings; his real name is Janesh). He's in need of a few more washes here and there, having his stripes added, having his eye greened, his scars accentuated and having his armour weathered. Other than that, though, I think I'm pretty happy with how he's turned out:

user posted image

user posted image

user posted image

I hope to be able to get them both finished this week.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paint Progress: Beast King and Dragon Monk.

So ... I picked up a paintbrush last night.

Looking this morning at the work I completed last night, I realized a couple things:
First, I'm not a great painter but I do think I am a decent painter (you know, considering I was working after 1:00am).

I wound up going to bed before these were completed so what I've got here are mostly just basecoats and washes. Touchups and highlights and re-washings are still to come.

Second, the things I paint do not look good at all when blown up to a ridiculous size in photographs. But, let's be honest: nothing looks good when photographed that close.

While I take solace in the fact that -- even with just the basecoats and washes -- these guys both look much better in real light at their real size to the naked eye, I've zoomed these photos back out a bit so that they're a more representative size of the actual miniatures.

And, third, I really need a light box for my photography. I'll look into that this weekend. You know, if I've got time.

So, with those disclaimers out there, here's what things look like so far ...

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beast Kings Character: Dragon Monk (Part One)

Because I'm easily distracted ...

From the Beast Kings bestiary:
Among the Beast King’s harem, one can also find human female mates. These young human women, often members of the Tcho tribes, are the most beautiful virgins given (or sometimes sold) by their fathers to the Beast Kings. Those who aren’t killed in the furor of the mating process are held in high regard; only these humans can birth a Gray-Shaman.

These Gray-Shamans, unique white-furred and gray-striped female Ti’Gors, reside in the innermost sanctums of the Ti’Gors’ jungle temples. Because of the rarity of their births and their unique markings, they are believed to be predestined by Yag’ganesh for positions of power and respect. As soon as they’ve been weaned, young Grays are taken to a temple high in the mountains of the distant northern reaches of Ind and are taught to harness their natural gifts, learning enlightenment from the traditions of the Celestial Dragon Monks while also mastering the darkest arts of Chaos itself. When their training is complete, they are allowed to return to their tribes where they become revered advisors of the Beast King.
Preview of the mysterious Dragon Monk (who'll be that particular temple's Wargor Battle Standard Bearer):