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Rumors of Warhammer: High Elves.

There appears to be news breaking on European blogs this afternoon with more details of what to expect from the upcoming High Elves release for Warhammer Fantasy. As a guy who is in the midst of converting a High Elf army (you know, alongside my other vast, unfinished Warhammer armies and projects), I'm a bit excited to see what's coming ...

The original source of today's rumors -- to be sure the right blog gets credit, even if similar rumors have appeared elsewhere previously -- seems to be L'Astropate. They write:
NEW MODELS (from MORE likely to LESS likely):
1. BOX/KIT: Flying Chariot Sky Talons. Special character on it (Finubar/Eltharion) an option for RBT/flamethrower-dragon breath war machine.
2. BOX/KIT: Phoenix/Phoenix Riders. Options for Special Character (Caradryan?), two/three types of Phoenix (Ice/Fire/Lone one).
3. BOX/KIT: Infantry: 10 Shadow Warriors/Maiden Guard (Some say they will be in two boxes and not in a multikit).
4. BOX/KIT: Monstrous Cavalry "Fire Riders" (dragons)
5. BOX/KIT: Huge Dragon/Monster. Option for Imrik.
6. BOX/KIT: New War Machine (as the one in the flying chariot option B)
7. BOX/KIT: Great Eagles.
8. BOX/KIT: Two elven gods shrines.

BLISTERS (some to be seen in May, others in the future, others never). From MORE likely to LESS likely:
1. BLISTER Warrior Mage (some say with option to build Belannaer)
2. BLISTER Alarielle
3. BLISTER Teclis
4. BLISTER Random hero

Since today is April 11, will not be long before you get the images that [will] begin to confirm or deny anything.

I love that they list the blisters as "some to be seen in May, others in the future, others never." Which ones will be seen 'never' and, if they are never to be seen, why include them at all?

But, I digress ...

As for what should be expected once the new Army book arrives, Faeit 212 has compiled the following rumors from around the internet. I've tried to snip them, organize them and clean them up a bit as, frankly, the post about it on Faeit 212 was a bit hard to decipher (and, yes, this may be just as hard to decipher but, at the least, I've got things grouped into sections that make a little more sense to me):
This is the latest Compilation, just remember that these are still rumors.

via Harry on Warseer
Almost exactly a year ago ....
"I know they are not really on anyone's radar .... but ...
... I am pretty sure that High Elves are the next army after WoC ...
... So that puts them somewhere around 12 months away." (Harry, 25th March 2012)

Is it time to do the dance?

High Elves:

Release Date: Unknown (Presumably Spring 2013)
The next army to be done after the Warriors of Chaos release.(Harry)
This would make them sometime early next year. (Harry)
High Elves early next year. (Meltedwing)
I said it first. (Harry)
I won't say how I know but I can say that the next army book will be High Elves. (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)

Author: Unknown.
The book is rumoured to have been started. (Harry)
Adam Troke was asking about what folks wanted from the next High Elves book. Could be nothing. Could be he taking another swing at High Elves. This is a possibility as I heard Adam moved from his job on the web team back to games development about a year ago. I assumed this was Lord of the Rings related but it could just as easily been because High Elves were back on the menu. (Ghorros on The Herdstone)
Cruddace was not the HE designer, and a team would be working in all three elven races at once. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)


Imrik making a return, his inclusion possibly acting like Skrag but for True Dragon Princes. (This ties in with the popularity of the Caledor novels depicting mass dragon combat, the Storm of Magic novella, AND the Graham McNeil 2 part novel.) (Actuality)

Silver Helms, Tiranoc chariot, Ellyrian Reavers and shadow warriors are moving to core. (wamphyri101 on
Shadow warriors becoming BS5 (keeping WS5) and have additional hand weapon. loss of hatred though bar vs dark elves (wamphyri101 on
Were getting War lions as a special choice (same as storm of magic but maybe 14pts, +2 for vanguard). (wamphyri101 from
Lion Chariot moving to 100pts. (wamphyri101 on
Rare Phoenix model like out of storm of magic. might be more like a unit buffer. something like an alter/Anvil. (wamphyri101 on
Dragons becoming cheaper or stronger. T8 Star dragon with 8 wounds. (wamphyri101 on
ASF is probably staying the same but some units reduced in prince to compensate its lack of use (like a mage) (wamphyri101 on
+1 to dispel staying the same (wamphyri101 on
Drain magic will become out signature spell (wamphyri101 on
Shield of Saph can be buffed to cover all units in 12” (wamphyri101 on
Monstrous Cav will be in the book…but nothing on whether its giant lions or Drakes. (wamphyri101 on
NO flying chariot (wamphyri101 on
Teclis to become even better…but points to go up a lot to price him out of 2500pt games (wamphyri101 on
Lords and heroes being able able to take things like lion cloaks. (wamphyri101 on

Not only is his flying chariot rumour accurate but it is pulled by Eagles. (Hastings)

I will add that I heard that the chariot has a special character option. (No big surprise there) can't remember where I heard this. (Harry)

Belannaer may return. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
There will be new model to Imrik in a huge dragon (Caledor Dragon?), according to rumors. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
Hastings' flying chariot do exist, but may not be pulled by eagles. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
There will be a shrine/anvil (similar to Luminarch / Hurricanum) of two known elven gods. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
Some buffs could be magical attacks/flaming attacks/ASF. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
ASF will be lost as rule army-wide (Harry said that already). This would mean a slight point decrease on miniatures. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
A less likely rumor talks that there will be a "Caledor dragon", apart from current dragons. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
SMs may have a path-choice attacks (+1 to hit/KB/ward save...), lions being slightly more focused in monster-killing; lion pelt would protect also in CC. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
Plus: intrigues at court coming back (maybe different from 6ed), no valor of ages (probably changed into a new rule). There will be a new racial rule shared by all elves (we are discussing if this could be something related to elven swiftness). (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
There will be more core units (probably four or five slots), and more rare slots (probably three to five slots). (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)

Flying Phoenix's (Frost and Fire) that can drop flame templates on units they fly over. Gets abilities based on what is rolled on winds of magic (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
Great Eagle towing chariots (Which can have bolt throwers on them) (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
New Highmage of Hoeth (Swordmaster / mage) Gets every signature from all 8 lores. (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
Martial Prowess across the board (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
Archer units with magical bows (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
Swordmasters get a parry save vs shooting (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
Silver Helms as Core (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)

HE are going to get a new war machine that mixes RBT and dragon breath / flamethrower. Nobody told Maelström if its something independent or part of one of the flying chariots. He thinks that maybe a new war machine. (Maelström)
Some people now say there will be no MC, so maybe no dragons. Others, instead, keep saying there will be and they give very explicit details. Maelström is confident they can be one of the releases, since if they exist not there will be few new boxes and having two different infantry boxes is both unlikely and unnecessary. He will keep digging to see what he finds. (Maelström)
Next magic items disappear as you know them nowadays: Star Lance, Dragon Horn, Armor of Caledor (=Imrik coming back?). (Maelström)
There is a new magic item: Book of the Phoenix. (Maelström)
Dragons have awaken. More and more powerful dragons. Imrik is coming back. (Maelström)
Phoenix King is going to battle. (Maelström)

There has been a suggestion that there will be a flying Chariot. (Hastings)
Monstrous Cavalry (Skeith on BoLS)
The monstrous cavalry are a form of lesser wingless dragon, akin to the demigryph. (Actuality)
Dragon Princes riding some form of true dragon, (possibly limited to a sun dragon) Possibly in sets of three. (Actuality)
This reminds me of a rumour from last time the book was done. There was a rumour of 'Drake riders' being sculpted by Alex Hedstrom. (Harry)
Both High Elves and Wood Elves may get the rumoured Treeman in their updated books. (buzz0783)
This does not seem very likely to me. (Harry)
A new Everqueen sculpt coming possibly riding some kind of 'critter'. No mention of Maiden Guard. (Eldargal UPDATE: Now doubting the credibility of this source)
Plastic kit for archers, spearmen and seaguard all in one box. (Bramgaunt)

Dragon MC will be modelled taking Thaindon's dragon as inspiration (that elf dragon rider from the 3rd edition). Like current HE plastic dragon (which takes inspiration from a very old GW dragon). (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
Do not expect to see spears/LSG core units in may. The rumor holds truth, but that belongs to a further miniature wave. "Silver boys" coming later on too. (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)
Apparently there will be new miniatures for Teclis and another "plastic mage (Belannaer we hope)". (Spanish forums via Nopuiiidorl)

I can confirm the flying chariot. It looks like a tiny boat with wings, and is pulled by a single giant eagle. It looks kind of silly in my opinion, but not much that can be done about that. (Best_Pone)
As for the phoenix, it can be made up either as a fire phoenix or an ice phoenix. This one at least look pretty cool (or hot, depending on the option you choose I guess ) (Best_Pone)

Everqueen (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
New Shadow Warrior Models (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
Maelström's left apart some things that we are not likely to see in years such us SHs, Spears, SMs, New Griffon and the like. He insists on saying that new release will be: 4-5 boxes and 3-4 blisters, plus book and cards. No surprises (we already know almost everything about that very point).(Maelström)

Miscellaneous Bits

The White Dwarf battle report is vs Ogres. (Ozguard battlehammer on Bugman's Forum)
It will be WHFB 30th anniversary, and elves are an army that needs something flashy that we haven't seen yet (as happened with Empire), and there may be a surprise. (Faeit 212)
Whether or not any of this is true, there are a lot of rumors that seem to be lining up with each other. We should know for sure by the time the new White Dwarf arrives on April 27th.

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