Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Complete: The Celestial Dragon Monk.

As I mentioned last week, this conversion has been completed for a few days now. This weekend, I finally found time to take some pictures of him to share with you all.

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In the Mountain Temple half of my army, the Celestial Dragon Monk is represented by a Panda(ren Brewmaster). There's a semi-witty back story that goes along with him that combines elements of Warhammer lore (regarding the Celestial Dragon Monks that reside in temples hidden high in the Mountains of Mourn), my own army's fluff, the story of Po (you know, the Kung Fu Panda?) and the Pandaren Brewmasters of World of Warcraft.

Mix all of that together, and this is what you get.

"So," I hear you asking, "What's up with the alcohol fetish instead of incorporating an acutal, you know, banner on your Battle Standard Bearer?"

That, my friends, is an excellent question. You see, in my twisted imagination, when some epicly heinous villain manages to kill his beloved (you know, a 'Tigress'), our Panda here -- who happens to be a legendary martial artist in China Cathay -- leaves the peaceful valley where he'd worked in his adopted father's noodle shop before becoming the Dragon Warrior made his home to retreat retire to the Celestial Dragon Temple.

There, he drowns his sorrows in a variety of exotic ales and, also, trains the Gray Shaman Tigresses (see what I did there?) of the Beast Kings tribes, helping them to hone their skills in both the martial and mystic arts.

The collection of brews that he has acquired and the potent ales and wines that he himself brews also manage to attract a large number of centigor who are, of course, naturally predisposed to drunkeness (well, and carousing; but that's for a different post) and, aside from the monks who serve at the temple (and also enjoy his beer) and the Gray Shaman Tigresses who are there for training, those centigor who are attracted by the promise of alcoholic beverages make up the bulk of the Celestial Dragon Temple's defenses.

You following so far ... ?

So this guy serves as the Battle Standard Bearer, hopefully making units near him want to stick around a bit longer when the battle gets tough, to imbibe in the post-battle liqours he brings with him.

It's a bit hard to make out in the pictures, but I managed to achieve a great finish on his armor plating (which is supposed to represent the Blackened Plate) with a series of of purple and blue washes over the top of the 'charring' to make it look like truly burnt or heat-damaged metal. Looks brilliant in person. Wish you could see it.

Comments, critiques and (constructive) criticism always welcome.


Simonster said...

love him - what models he based on?

Jacin said...

Thank you!

He's originally a Ogrun Bokur, with a headswap from a Reaper bear and some assorted Games Workshop bits.