Thursday, April 24, 2014

... and, we're back.

Almost exactly one year after our last post, the geek (hey, that's me) is officially back in realm of Warhammer hobbying.

Are the tiger-themed Beast Kings of Ind completed? Well, no. Not just yet.

Are the samurai Elves of Tor Elithis all converted and painted up? No. Not yet.

What about the forest spirits in the Ragewood of Hathelos, then? Not quite, no ...

But I guess, technically, the Ragewood are closer than anyone else. I've got three units of twelve Dryads and a Treeman (a beautiful, characterful Lord of the Rings Ent) almost ready for a coat of protective varnish.

(Pictures coming soon.)

And, I've got ideas for a 'Wolves of Fenrir' Warriors of Chaos army.

And, also, an all-Ghoul Vampire Counts army from the deepest dark of Southlands.

Plus, in addition to all of those armies that still need completion, I've got a couple units of Forgeworld Tartaros-armoured Space Marines incoming that will be the beginnings of a Carcharadons Astra chapter.

Because, you know, I need more stuff to paint. And, a new game to play.

Luckily, I've recently begun a new work schedule which allows me to work from home several days each week which, in turn, allows me to grab a brush and some paint pots while I'm sitting in on conference calls -- you know, instead of just doodling ideas for new armies on notepads, like I'd be doing if I were actually sitting in a conference room.

So, I think I've actually got a chance to get some things done now (and, you know, annoy my wife with hobby clutter in the living room).

The Domain of the Geek begins anew. Stay tuned.

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