Tuesday, April 29, 2014

GW News: New Wood Elves Revealed

Some enterprising young folks on the internets (specifically, over at Grim Dark Realms) have managed to find pictures of the new Wood Elf releases before GamesWorkshop officially made them available to the public.

I've seen some criticisms, but I've got to say that there is some really beautiful stuff here. And, despite running an exclusively Forest Spirit army, I'd rather have most of these new Elf figures than the new Treeman kit they've released ...

(Pictures after the jump.)
First up, the Eternal Guard kit which is a dual-kit used for both the Eternal Guard and the Wildwood Rangers.

(I'm really liking this kit, and I'm thinking I may actually use it for my High Elves' Shadow Warriors.)

And, the new Sisters of the Thorn dual-kit which can be used for the Sisters or for the Wild Riders. I love the stags in this kit.

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