Friday, May 2, 2014

(Mostly) Complete: Birchroot

The first treeman of the Ragewood of Hathelos, Birchroot is an Ent from Games Workshop's Lord of the Rings line.

This model was chosen because Games Workshop had, to that point, failed to produce a treeman or, even, a treekin in their Warhammer Fantasy line that looked anything at all like, you know, an actual tree. And, since the idea behind the Ragewood -- at least, in my head -- is that they can 'disappear' into the forest of Athel Loren and become indistinguishable from actual trees until such time as they're needed to fight, I needed a treeman that actually looked like he could potentially do that.

(More photos after the jump ...)

Obviously, he's still in need of a base. As I'm having trouble settling on what to do there, I figure I'll just work that bit out when I've finished the rest of the army so that they'll all get the same base treatments at the same time. But, his paint is done so, for now, so is he.

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