Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Beast Kings Character: Dragon Monk (Part One)

Because I'm easily distracted ...

From the Beast Kings bestiary:
Among the Beast King’s harem, one can also find human female mates. These young human women, often members of the Tcho tribes, are the most beautiful virgins given (or sometimes sold) by their fathers to the Beast Kings. Those who aren’t killed in the furor of the mating process are held in high regard; only these humans can birth a Gray-Shaman.

These Gray-Shamans, unique white-furred and gray-striped female Ti’Gors, reside in the innermost sanctums of the Ti’Gors’ jungle temples. Because of the rarity of their births and their unique markings, they are believed to be predestined by Yag’ganesh for positions of power and respect. As soon as they’ve been weaned, young Grays are taken to a temple high in the mountains of the distant northern reaches of Ind and are taught to harness their natural gifts, learning enlightenment from the traditions of the Celestial Dragon Monks while also mastering the darkest arts of Chaos itself. When their training is complete, they are allowed to return to their tribes where they become revered advisors of the Beast King.
Preview of the mysterious Dragon Monk (who'll be that particular temple's Wargor Battle Standard Bearer):

Little is known about the mysterious Celestial Dragon Monk (well, that is, beyond his obvious martial prowess and his love of ale) , but there are those that say that he was a legendary warrior in Cathay, unmatched in his skill at the Cathayan martial arts, who retreated to the a quiet temple in the Mountains of Mourn after his beloved, a tigress, was slain ...

When completed, he'll have an assortment of ale barrels strapped to his back and a flasks, bottles, mugs and the like dangling from his bamboo weapon. (It's not so much a banner, per se, but alcohol that 'inspires' these troops to keep fighting.) The hat is removable.

The idea was inspired (obviously?) by World of Warcraft's Pandaren Brewmasters, Dreamwork's 'Kung Fu Panda.' The conversion itself was borrowed from ideas by 'Thundernuts' over on Live to Crush.

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