Thursday, February 9, 2012

Paint Progress: Beast King and Dragon Monk.

So ... I picked up a paintbrush last night.

Looking this morning at the work I completed last night, I realized a couple things:
First, I'm not a great painter but I do think I am a decent painter (you know, considering I was working after 1:00am).

I wound up going to bed before these were completed so what I've got here are mostly just basecoats and washes. Touchups and highlights and re-washings are still to come.

Second, the things I paint do not look good at all when blown up to a ridiculous size in photographs. But, let's be honest: nothing looks good when photographed that close.

While I take solace in the fact that -- even with just the basecoats and washes -- these guys both look much better in real light at their real size to the naked eye, I've zoomed these photos back out a bit so that they're a more representative size of the actual miniatures.

And, third, I really need a light box for my photography. I'll look into that this weekend. You know, if I've got time.

So, with those disclaimers out there, here's what things look like so far ...

All in all, I'd say that's pretty decent progress for one night.

(Whether or not I get more done tonight depends on how hard I crash from staying up too late last night ...)

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