Monday, February 27, 2012

I haven't disappeared.

I haven't disappeared.  I promise.

Between job stuff, illness, family birthdays, household renovation projects and an assortment of other things stealing away my free time for the past month, I haven't gotten as much downtime as I'd have liked to be able to devote to crafting my army.  However, by Wednesday, I intend to have pictures up for you of the finished Panda(ren Brewmaster) Standard Bearer for the Mountain Temple army -- yes, he's done and based -- and the finished Ti'Gor Beastlord for the Jungle Temple army.

So, please, stay tuned.

When they're completed, I've got about 25 Centigor, including Ghorros, that I'm converting up for the Mountain army.

There's going to be both males and females in those units because, after all of the drinking and fighting, they like to rut a bit -- they do have Ghorros, the father of all beasts amongst them after all -- and, well, having their females fighting alongside the males makes that a bit more handy.

(I suppose the ratio will still be a bit squicky as it's to be about 4:1 males to females because, well, that's the bits I've been able to get ahold of but it'll have to do.)

What will they look like, you ask?  Well, this is the photo I'm using as a bit of inspiration for the boys of the units, so ...

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